Our Social Responsibility

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A wise woman once said to me, that whatever an individual sets out to do in life, such a person should begin with the end in mind.

For Oncenout and our growing community of fashion queens, this end is a world where others in vulnerable circumstances get a shot at a better life because together, we decided to be smart, eco-friendly and human.

Smart because you are giving fashion items you used to love but no longer wear a new life. Eco-friendly because you are saving our landfills from valuable fashion waste. Human because we help you significantly give back in the process.

As a social enterprise, we care deeply about the people at the receiving end of these donations and firmly believe that through our platform, we can truly make a difference. So go ahead and check out our short stories below of how you are helping to make this world a nicer place, one denim at a time.


heart of gold donation
heart of gold donation